Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

This depends. If you want to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultation with one of the medical doctors at the clinic, you will need a referral from your GP or another medical specialist.

If you have a chronic disease, your GP can also refer you to allied health practitioners at our clinic, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, and dietitians. They do this by completing a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement. This means a certain number of consultations annually will be part-funded by Medicare.

You also have the option of self-referring and for allied health consultations, your private health fund may contribute to the cost of the visit.

What is the cost of the visit?

This really depends on your personal circumstances, including whether you have been referred by your doctor, whether you have private health insurance and whether you receive support through the DVA and/or NDIS.

Please contact the clinic directly on 07 3130 2800 for more information.

How does the assessment process work?

For initial cognitive assessments, you will be seen initially by the medical specialist at Your Brain in Mind. This consultation normally takes around an hour. You will receive some initial feedback and may be asked to complete further investigations (such as brain scans)

You will then usually be asked to have a further assessment with one of the other clinic practitioners who will be focussing on identifying the broader issues that may be relevant to your care - including the adequacy of your support networks, any relevant legal issues, and whether you have started the process of engaging with MyAgedCare. This assessment may also involve asking you to complete certain tasks that will help us gauge how well you are functioning day to day, and what might need to be addressed. Cognitive testing may be undertaken as par of this visit.

You will then see the medical specialist for a second time, by which time they will have the results of your investigations and the assessment above. Any possible diagnoses will be discussed and a plan of action will be created with your input and agreement.

At Your Brain in Mind, we are very aware of the stress associated with uncertainty whilst you are being assessed and aim to complete the process within four to six weeks of your initial medical appointment.

What happens when I finish the assessment?

This will depend on various things including the diagnosis, what supports you have and what extra help you desire.

At the clinic, we are aware that being diagnosed with a form of dementia can be challenging, and individuals, as well as their loved ones, can experience stress compounded by not knowing what the future holds and what else needs to be done. In addition to the medical management of dementia, you may need help with navigating MyAgedCare, or require specific help from our OT, physiotherapist, dietitian, or psychologist.

Due to the multiple potential needs, we offer a dementia care navigation service for those that want it. With this, one of the practitioners at the clinic will help you through the process of adjusting to the diagnosis and help you manage the practical issues that often arise. Many people have found this an invaluable service.

What happens if I'm told I have dementia?

It is important to recognise that being told that you have dementia is not the end of the world. There may be many years of reasonable function, contentment and satisfying life ahead of you, and there are lots of things that can help, wherever you are on the journey. The key is to feel you are doing all you can to achieve this, including ensuring you have adequate supports and some control over your situation.

At Your Brain in Mind, we have a realistic but optimistic view of dementia and do our best to support you and encourage you to have the same view.

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