Aged Care Navigation

At Your Brain in Mind, we offer an Aged Care Navigation (ACN) service that is focused on:

  • understanding the unique needs and preferences of the person living with dementia to support their care choices and maintain quality of life.
  • identifying the right mix of supports to sustain their care arrangements.
  • signposting a pathway to effective and trusted aged care services, in a timely and inclusive way.

Our Aged Care Navigator is an Occupational Therapist with over 10 years’ experience working for the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and has expert, up-to-date knowledge of the aged care system and locally available supports.

ACN can have a different focus for everyone and may include:

  • finding the right balance of supports to optimise community living,
  • preparing for a transition into residential aged care, or
  • readying supports for a return home from hospital.

Even for the savviest person, it is often confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming searching for information about, or in making attempts to start, aged care services. It can seem like a maze of dead ends.

The primary aim of ACN is to simplify this process through education; to empower clients and their support people to feel equipped to navigate the system for themselves.

In the first instance, education is used to build an understanding of:

  • terminology surrounding the aged care system.
  • how to access and prepare for the different types of aged care assessments.
  • the different funding models and types of aged care services.
  • the range of available Carer supports and specialist dementia specific services.
  • important considerations when selecting a service provider for a Home Care Package, private services, or residential aged care.
  • how to effectively prepare for a time when a person with dementia is no longer able to communicate their care preferences or treatment decisions, ensuring their care preferences are respected.

Beyond education, if further advocacy and liaison is needed, our aged care navigator can assist to:

  • send a referral to My Aged Care to request an assessment for access to aged care services.
  • help a client to register support people as representatives with My Aged Care.
  • gather relevant clinical and functional information in preparation for an assessment by My Aged Care.
  • gather information to compare different service providers and help to select the right provider.
  • guide negotiation with service providers to set up Care Agreements that reflect a client’s care preferences and unique needs.
  • link with other services and supports outside of the My Aged Care system.

An initial consultation is offered to better understand your unique needs, provide initial education and resources, and link you with My Aged Care (if required). Further advocacy and liaison assistance is available on request and can be booked as follow-up.

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