Aged Care Navigation

At Your Brain in Mind, we offer an Aged Care Navigation Service that can help provide you and your family with information about the Aged Care System and help to link you with different services and support options to assist you.

Our Aged Care Navigator has over 9 years of experience working for the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and has an excellent understanding of the Aged Care System and of locally available supports.

To best assist you with accessing the most appropriate services and ensure we get the process right from the beginning, the Aged Care Navigation Service starts with a Comprehensive Assessment of your needs. This is an assessment of your health, function, psycho-social situation, and cognitive abilities. This Comprehensive Assessment forms the basis of the Aged Care Navigation Service. It will help us, you, and your family, to clarify your care needs and make decisions about which services and supports you might want to access. We can then provide you with an assessment report, which can also be provided to your GP. You can take this with you when you are accessing health and care services to help you quickly and easily communicate your history and care needs (in a format that will be well understood by assessment services and care providers).

The Aged Care system in Australia (and particularly My Aged Care) can be confusing and difficult to navigate. We can help you:

  • understand terminology surrounding the aged care system
  • understand the different types of assessments (RAS and ACAT) and to help direct you to the most appropriate assessment type for your needs.
  • understand the different funding models and the types of services and support you can access (through My Aged Care, as well as through Peak bodies, community groups, council, state health systems and private services)
  • make referrals (and complete the appropriate paperwork if required) to My Aged Care and other programs and services that may be able to assist in managing your conditions and your care needs (including but not limited to Carer Gateway, Allied Health Services, Restorative Care Programs, Social Groups, Dementia Australia and Dementia Support Australia)
  • find the right Home Care Package provider and assist in negotiating a Home Care Package agreement (if required)
  • start conversations about advanced care planning and guide you to the appropriate paperwork to document your wishes. 

We can assist you with making a referral to My Aged Care and guide you through this process, answering any questions you might have along the way. We can also help you with the next steps in the process, including helping you understand and prepare for the questions that an ACAT assessor might be likely to ask. After your assessment, we can help you understand what the Aged Care approvals you are given mean, and how you can use these approvals. We can help you with the next steps of finding service providers and commencing services. We can also help to link you with other services and supports outside of the My Aged Care system.

While we can advocate for you and assist you, we also want to empower you and your family to understand the system so that, going forward, you will be well equipped to navigate the system yourself.

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